Writing Craft: Micro-Plotting

So the idea has grown too strong to ignore.  It takes over your showers, occupies your breakfast, and won’t let you fall asleep without turning on the light at least once to scribble a note.  Time to write.  How do you do it? Many romance writers identify themselves either as plotters (those who plot out their work before writing pages) and pantsers (those who start pages without a plot and fly by the seat of their pants).  These definitions help simplify conversations, but I believe people’s processes aren’t as clear cut.  Which is perfectly fine.  Everyone has their way to write and to force something else on ourselves can be harmful to the work. My personal process is plot heavy.  I enjoy putting the pieces together before I start writing.  But the plot isn’t so ironclad that if things change as I write, I can’t adjust.  Flexibility is important.  And…

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Steampunk romance, writing in the Ether Chronicles, a world created with my wife Zoë Archer.

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