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Why We Should Marry a Rich Man?

Marriage is a lifetime commitment in which the two of you have taken a vow to love each other unconditionally. By the fact that it is a lifetime commitment, make sure to marry the right one. It is usual for a woman to date a rich man to marry and a man to find a beautiful woman to marry. Most women still choose to marry a rich man because they would love to stay at home with their children. They wanted to marry a man who earned more money than them so that he can support the needs of the family. It is nice also to marry a man who is educated. To marry a rich man is like a fairy tales in which poor employed girls to uplift to become a princess and attachment to the altar. Rich man is waiting for their Cinderella to come. Some of fairy...

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The Ruin of a Rogue review

The Ruin of a Rogue by Miranda Neville, Book Two of her Wild Quartet series, features an heiress whose love of Roman antiquities leads her into trouble. In spite of herself, she is drawn to a totally unsuitable man because he seems to know his way around artifacts. Of course, Marcus, Viscount Lithgow, is only after Anne’s fortune. He hides it well until Anne learns the truth by eavesdropping. She then leads him on a really funny tour of all of London’s most boring attractions to get revenge. But her annoyance is overcome when he inherits the very thing guaranteed to fascinate her as much as he himself does, a partially excavated Roman ruin. He gets back at her by requiring her to do housework to gain access to the Roman villa. All past scandals, and there are some big ones, are explained and resolved by Christmas through a couple...

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Review: An Heiress For All Seasons by Sophie Jordan

This post is property of Geeky Bloggers Book Blog - ..reader with a blog and a glass of wine Source: Edelweiss EBook Review, Provided by Avon An Heiress For All Seasons by Sophie Jordan Publisher: Avon Format: eBook Genre: Historical, Romance Number of Pages: 144 Series: The Debutante Files #1.5 Read: October 2014 Links to: Goodreads, Library Thing , and Author WebsiteReading Challenges: 2014 Seriously Series When a holiday blizzard brings together a pair of reluctant lovers, the result threatens their reputations … and may cost them their hearts. Feisty and independent American heiress Violet Howard swears she'll never wed a crusty British aristocrat. Will, the Earl of Merlton, is determined to salvage his family's fortune without succumbing to a marriage of convenience. But when a snowstorm leaves Violet and Will stranded and alone, their sudden chemistry will challenge good intentions. Seized by a desire that burns through the night,...

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Review: The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Julia Quinn

The Secrets Of Sir Richard Kenworthy (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #4) by Julia Quinn Historical Romance 384 pages January 27, 2015 Avon Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: “Did you really think she was going to smile and say, ‘As you wish, Sir?’ “ Sir Richard Kenworthy needs to marry quickly and doesn’t have the time nor inclination to go through the usual hoops in order to find a bride. He asks a friend to help him find a young woman who may not be as cautious or ask too many questions and he is led to Smythe-Smiths and Iris. Richard sees a young woman whose looks wouldn’t garner her a first, second, or even third look but there is something about her that calls to him. He knows she is the one for him but circumstances may force him to lose her before their life together can even begin. Iris Smythe-Smith isn’t...

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Review & Giveaway: Sweet Surprise by Candis Terry

Sweet Surprise by Candis Terry Synopsis  Playing naughty or nice . . . Fiona Wilder knows all about falling in lust. Love? That's another story. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, the single mom and cupcake shop owner is focused on walking the straight and narrow. But trouble has a way of finding her. And this time it comes in the form of a smoking hot firefighter who knows all the delicious ways to ignite her bad-girl fuse. Can lead to heartbreak . . . Firefighter Mike Halsey learned long ago that playing with fire just gets you burned. He's put his demons behind him, and if there's one line he won't cross, it's getting involved with his best friend's ex. But when fate throws him in the path of the beautiful, strong, and off-limits Fiona, will he be able to fight their attraction? Or will he willingly go down...

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The State Of Publishing – 2015 – My Perspective

For newer writers trying to make a living from our stories, times are challenging in Romanceland. Prices have dropped. The number of books sold per title has decreased. The marketing required to be noticed has increased. There’s been quite a bit of finger pointing, folks assigning blame. Being a business gal, I have a different perspective on events. Having already shared this with a few writers and bloggers, I want to talk about this here, hoping you’ll add your insights (in the comments). Note: I don’t have any insider information. This is based on my observations only, as a writer and a reader. I could be totally in outer space (though my predictions have come true thus far) but I’ve seen these same trends in other industries (like music and soft drinks and…well…almost every other industry). The Ideal Publishing Environment The ideal business environment has supply (roughly) equaling demand. The...

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In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams by Karen Ranney – Guest Post + Giveaway

In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams by Karen Ranney The MacIain Trilogy #1 Published January 27th, 2015 Avon Romance New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney’s first novel in a brand-new series spins the intriguing story of a beautiful widow and a devilishly handsome shipbuilder… Seven years have passed since Glynis MacIain made the foolish mistake […] The post In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams by Karen Ranney – Guest Post + Giveaway appeared first on Brooke Blogs.

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BOUND BY FLAMES Fizzy or Fizzled?

by Jeaniene Frost Series: Night Prince #3 Published by Avon, Harper Collins Genres: Paranormal, Romance Source: Publisher BOUND BY FLAMES Night Prince #3 by Jeaniene Frost HarperCollins/Avon Mass Market Paperback/ebook: 384 Pages Audio:  narrated by: Tavia Gilbert 8 hours 4 minutes Finished copy provided by publisher for review. no remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.     Play with fire, pay the price. Leila’s years on the carnie circuit were certainly an education. What she didn’t learn: how to be a vampire, or how to be married to the most famous vampire of them all. Adjusting to both has Leila teetering on a knife edge between passion and peril, and now the real danger is about to begin… Vlad must battle with a centuries-old enemy whose reach stretches across continents and whose strength equals his own. It isn’t like Vlad to feel...

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Review of The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

Another Smythe-Smith Musical disaster is in the making.  Iris Smythe-Smith is playing the celllo while her sister Daisy is sawing away at the violin and the guests all look like they would rather be anywhere else, except for one gentlemen who has been staring at Iris thru the whole concert.  As soon as the concert is over Iris tries to escape as quickly as possible, but she gets trapped into being introduced to him. Sir Richard Kenworthy is looking for a wife and he has to find one quickly.  He calls on Iris and appears to be courting her.  She knows she is not beautiful or popular and wonders why, she suspects something is not right with him but doesn't know why.  Sir Richard knows Iris is intelligent and he has to get her to marry him quickly but cannot tell her why.  He compromises her and they have to...

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