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How Current Should A Contemporary Romance Be?

There are two schools of thought with writing contemporary romances. Make Your Story Timeless One school advises us to make contemporary romances as timeless as possible. Try to avoid references to clothing, to technology, to popular culture (TV shows, movies, music, etc). Avoid slang. Only use brand names that might exist fifty years from now. The reasoning behind this advice is ten years from now, we want our stories to remain ‘contemporary.’ We want readers to continue reading our stories. We want our stories to remain relevant. This can be a great policy to follow if you wish to write for print first publishers. Print first publishers often have long lead times. There could be years between writing a story and seeing the story on shelves. Slang or styles or culture will likely evolve in this time, making your contemporary romance dated. Make Your Story A Snapshot In Time The...

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ARC Review: Lady Windermere's Lover by Miranda Neville

This was my first time reading Miranda Neville so I was not sure what to expect. I had some issues with the plot and the story. I found her writing to be engaging and it flowed. There were times that I really enjoyed the book and times I struggled with it. I made my peace with a three star rating. So when the story begins, our hero, Damian, Earl of Windermere, is out partying with this friends celebrating his twenty-first birthday. In the mist of all this partying he gambles away his mother’s home which was a part of his inheritance. So right off we are starting off with a hero that is very questionable. The story continues as he has to tell his father the news but Damian eventually ends up gaining it back… So one way that he wins back his mother’s home was by marrying Lady Cynthia....

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Get Social with Avon at RWA14! Snap, tag, and win! (Plus a SEP Scavenger Hunt!)

Attendees of RWA listen up! Here's ALL the ways you can snap, tag, and win! Clinch with us! Snap and #tag the #AvonRWA14 giant cover posters: take a picture and upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for a chance to win 10 free ebooks! Snap and #tag #AvonRWA14 wordbubbles: pose and upload! Send your craziest shot to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win free ebooks! ConFAB with AvonBooks at RWA: Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram #AvonRWA14 for a chance to win free ebooks…maybe even an instant invite to the Avon Party! Snap a shot with your fave AvonBooks author at RWA14 and tag #AvonRWA14 – you may win a bunch of her ebooks! Lastly, for all SEP fans out there at RWA, we've got a super fun Susan Elizabeth Phillips Treasure Hunt going on! Each day, starting July 22nd (today!), the scalawags from William Morrow will...

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Jul 24 - Post

ARC Review: The Danger in Tempting an Earl by Sophie Barnes

The pace of the story fast and the conversations are lively and the characters are brilliant.

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Facial Hair On Heroes – Yes Or No?

Adrian Grenier Thanks to the popularity of Duck Dynasty, the beard is back! I’ve yet to write a bearded hero. My heroes are normally cleanly shaven as they tend to be businessmen. I’ve seen bearded men in suits but this is still less common. Nicolas, the billionaire hero of Sinful Rewards, is cleanly shaven. He’s a beautiful sophisticated man. He reminds me a bit of Adrian Grenier, the star of Entourage, when I saw him a few years ago. In this photo, he has a hint of stubble, but his chin is normally bare (his thick dark wavy hair is identical to Nicolas’ – I want to run my fingers through it). Houston Alexander aka The Assassin Hawke, the other hero in Sinful Rewards, has perma stubble. Yes, he’s bad ass, a manly man, a primitive beast, not caring about his appearance, but there’s also a practical reason for his...

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ARC Review: The Danger in Tempting an Earl by Sophie Barnes

The Danger in Tempting an Earl by Sophie Barnes Publication date:  July 29, 2014 Series: At the Kingsborough Ball #3 Publisher: Avon Amazon | B&N | Goodreads ~~Reviewed by Lisa~~ For Lady Katherine Langdon, widowed Viscountess Crosby, danger comes in two forms- Lucien Marvaine, Earl of Roxberry, who was the spare, and attempts on her life. The first is understandable; he’s handsome, has known her since her christening, they are friends and she finds herself attracted to him. The attraction is a bit disconcerting as she does not want to lose their friendship. A relationship that has become strained for reasons she is not sure of. The second form of danger has both her and Lucien at a loss. When they meet again, Lucien is the Earl and Katherine is widowed. He sets about making her his as he should have done four years ago. He discovers the bright, confident woman he loves has been replaced...

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