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Review: Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare

This was a fun book. That’s what I love about Tessa Dare books; you always know what you’re getting. This book was witty, fun, sweet, and cute. Lord Piers Brandon, the Marquess of Granville has been engaged to Clio Whitmore for years. Excuse after excuse has kept him abroad. He’s... Read more »

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Book Review: Take by Silvia Ami

Take is a must read romance novel! Silvia Ami has taken romance suspense to a whole new level in her amazing book. Her characters are strong, good-looking, and hard workers. Both are good at their jobs. Special FBI Agent Joss is working on a case to protect people she loves. She has a distrust of men and her new partner is going to have to really prove himself to her or else the whole operation goes up in flames. Everything they are working towards in completing this one mission relies on Joss trusting Intel marine Ethan. If she cant rust him then their whole plan is ruined. And to add to the intensity of Joss’s and Ethan problems, they share a strong chemistry that is hard to ignore. Will Joss be able to trust Ethan? Will their whole operation go down all for a lack of trust? Or will they...

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Dec 19 - Post

Book Review: More Than This by Jay McLean

Inside Out is the perfect title for the perfect novel. A young teen, Mikayla, has experienced the loss of everyone she loves and knows. There was only person who witnessed it all. And he is the only one who can comfort Mikalya. Jake falls in love with Mikayla and tries doing his best to prove to her that he is the one for her heart. But will Mikayla finally be able to give him her heart or will she lose the only one person who loves her? This story is of a loss and love. Teens go through so much emotional pain as they grow up to be the adults we want them to be. Jay McLean portrays this and much more throughout this spectacular highly emotional novel. I loved reading this story. It’s a story that one will never forget and can easily relate to. I would recommend this...

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Holding Holly by Julie Brannagh – Review, Excerpt + Giveaway

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the author, publisher, or another source such as Netgalley or Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. This post may contain affiliate links; thank you for supporting Brooke Blogs! Holding Holly ...Continue Reading... The post Holding Holly by Julie Brannagh – Review, Excerpt + Giveaway appeared first on Brooke Blogs.

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Book Review: Inside Out by Lia Riley

Inisde Out by Lia Riley is a novel I could keep on reading over and over again.  This new adult contemporary romance was fantastic. Talia moves to study abroad and never expects to find her one and only love. Then she meets a man who makes her fall in love. Bran knows Talia unlike anyone else does. This bonds them together even closer. Both of them face many struggles and still are together. But now they ace an even greater struggle one that will really challenge their relationship. Will they make it through unscratched? Or will this challenge only break them apart? The raw intensity and thrilling side of this romance will impact readers in ways they never expected. This story shows both Talia’s and Bran’s point of view. This only builds up the plot and makes for a fabulous read unlike any other. I recommend this exciting novel to...

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Christmas at the Firehouse ~ A Bachelor Firemen Short Story

 Christmas at the Firehouse   A Bachelor Firemen Short Story Photo courtesy of Bill Bailey, The Calhoun Chronicle The sexy, smoldering “Bachelor Firemen” of San Gabriel were usually seen in turnouts, SGFD t-shirts, or without any shirts at all. But on a day shortly before Christmas, Station 1 was awash with Santa gear as the firefighters competed for a role only one could play. “Why shouldn’t a woman be Santa? We’ve never had a female Santa.” Sabina Jones wore a Santa hat that kept falling over one eye, probably because it belonged to her husband, Chief Roman, who had the build of a gladiator. “Only one person here has the belly to be Santa.” Double D patted his stomach, which always grew a few inches around the holidays, what with all the baked goods the citizens of San Gabriel kept dropping off at the firehouse. “Santa Claus isn’t about the...

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Dec 19 - Post

Book Review: Forever Mine by Monica Burns

Monica Burns has a way of capturing her audience in her latest hot romance novel. Forever Mine is both hot and amazing. The plot will take your breath away as Victoria Ashton goes back in time to 1897. Her she is trapped in a world where earls exist. There is one earl that completely hates Victoria. Thinking she is his wife. But with his real wife’s horrible actions behind his back get bigger and bigger, it’s hard not to believe that Victoria is really not his wife. Soon both the earl and Victoria fall in love. But can the earl believe Victoria that she isn’t from the same time period? And what is the earl’s reaction when Victoria tells him? And what about the great sacrifice that Victoria will have to make in order for them to be together? Will the earl fight for them to be together? I found...

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Dec 19 - Post

Sinful Rewards – Our Changing Relationship With Our Moms

When I was a kid, I viewed my mom as a superhuman being who could fix anything and never require fixing herself. She’d absorb all of my temper tantrums and never strike back. She knew everything, could do anything, could shield me from the darkness in the world. Then, when I was a teenager, I said something horrible to her and she cried. This totally changed our relationship. I realized I had the ability to hurt my mom. In that moment, I viewed her as…well… human, not supermom but a regular person with her own doubts and fears and concerns. In Sinful Rewards 6, Bee realizes that she can hurt her mom and yes, this changes their relationship also. *** “What’s wrong, honeybee?” she answers, expecting the worse. There have been too many nasty surprises in my mom’s past for her to anticipate anything else. “There’s nothing wrong,” I lie,...

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Blog Tour: Holding Holly by Julie Brannagh (Love and Football #4.5) + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Holding Holly Love and Football # 4.5 By: Julie Brannagh Releasing December 2nd, 2014 Avon Holly Reynolds has a secret. Make that two. The first involves upholding her grandmother’s hobby answering Dear Santa letters from dozens of local school children. The second...well, he just came strolling in the door. For the last two years, Holly has not been able to stop thinking about gorgeous Seattle Shark Derrick Collins. His on-field exploits induce nightmares in quarterbacks across the NFL, but she knows he has a heart of gold. Derrick has never met a woman he wants to bring home to meet his family, mostly because he keeps picking the wrong ones-until he runs into sweet, shy Holly Reynolds. Different than anyone he’s ever known, Derrick realizes she might just be everything he needs. When he discovers her holiday letter writing, he is determined to play Santa too. And as the pair...

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Once Upon a Highland Christmas by Lecia Cornwall – Excerpt + Giveaways

Once Upon a Highland Christmas by Lecia Cornwall Once Upon a Highland Season #3 Published by Avon Impulse on 12/9/14 Lady Alanna McNabb is bound by duty to her family, who insist she must marry a gentleman of wealth and title. When she meets the man of her dreams, she knows it’s much too late, ...Continue Reading... The post Once Upon a Highland Christmas by Lecia Cornwall – Excerpt + Giveaways appeared first on Brooke Blogs.

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