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Cover Reveal! Diary of an Accidental Wallflower

I am so, so excited to share with you the fabulous new cover for the first book in my new series, The Seduction Diaries! Diary of an Accidental Wallflower will be released on February 24, 2015 (available for Pre-Order now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Indie-bound). It is a fun and flirtatious book set in Victorian London with a ”Mean Girls Meets Grey’s Anatomy” vibe, and it was wickedly fun to write. Pretty and popular, Miss CLARE WESTMORE knows exactly what (or rather, who) she wants: the next Duke of Harrington. If she can just keep her embarrassing family under wraps and her future duke on her dance card, she will be well on her way to becoming a duchess. But when she twists her ankle on the eve of the Season’s most touted event, Clare is left standing in the wallflower line … and watching her best...

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I Adored a Lord by Katharine Ashe - Excerpt & Giveaway

Release Date: July 29, 2014 Genre: Historical Romance Publisher: Avon Hosted By: Tasty Book Tours She’s intended for his brother. He’s destined for adventure. Then a dangerous mystery throws them together, and all they want is each other. All that clever, passionate Ravenna Caulfield wants is to stay far away from high society’s mean girls. All that handsome, heroic Lord Vitor Courtenay wants is to dash from dangerous adventure to adventure. Now, snowbound in a castle with a bevy of the ton’s scheming maidens all competing for a prince’s hand in marriage, Ravenna’s worst nightmare has come true. Now, playing babysitter to a spoiled prince and his potential brides, Vitor is champing at the bit to be gone. When a stolen kiss in a stable leads to a corpse in a suit of armor, a canine kidnapping, and any number of scandalous liaisons, Ravenna and Vitor find themselves wrapped in...

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Jul 29 - Post

First Excerpt For Sinful Rewards 2

This post has adult content. If you are under the age of eighteen years old or sensitive to adult language/situations, please do not read this post. I hope you enjoyed Sinful Rewards 1! Here is a teaser for Sinful Rewards 2! *** “Belinda,” Hawke murmurs, his deep voice pulling at me. Unable to resist his unspoken order, I gaze upward. This is a mistake. His eyes have darkened to a brilliant blue, his arousal meeting, meshing with mine, and I know in this moment, I’m lost. He has me. “Hawke.” I part my lips, offering him everything. He’s rough and tough, a big strong military man, a tattooed biker. I expect him to plunder, conquer, take. Instead, Hawke carefully frames my face with his large hands, his calloused fingertips gentle yet firm, and he dips his head slowly, his gaze holding mine. My heart races faster and faster, my body...

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Sneak Peek! Haunted Haven By Anna Snow (First Three Chapters)

Hey, everyone!         My sneak peek of Bubblegum Blonde went over so well, I've decided to let you all have a peek at another just finished piece of my work, Haunted Haven.         I hope you enjoy it, and as always, your shares, comments, and ratings are welcome! (You can do all three in the little purple box at the bottom of the page)        I can't wait to hear what you think!                                                                Sneak Peek! Haunted Haven By Anna Snow (copyright 2014 Anna Snow)                        Chapter One Heather ran her fingertips over the edge of the heavy mahogany desk as she peered...

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Early Review of I Adored a Lord (The Prince Catchers, #2) by Katharine Ashe

Title: I Adored a Lord: The Prince Catchers Classification: Adult Fiction Genre: Historical Romance Series: Prince Catchers Format: Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Avon (July 29, 2014) ISBN-10: 0062229834 ISBN-13: 978-0062229830 Author's Website: Notes: I received and eARC loan from the publisher via Edelweiss  “This ring is the key to your destinies,” (...) “This ring . . .” the Gypsy intoned, “belongs to a prince.”(...) “The rightful master of this ring,” she said soberly, “is not of your blood.” (...) “One of you will wed this prince. Upon this wedding, the secret of your past will be revealed.” ('I Married the Duke' by Katharine Ashe) Twenty-two years ago, a mother sent her three daughters to England in the accompaniment of their nanny when their ship sank. They were the soul survivors. The villagers of the area tried to find their parents, but their search was in vein. The nanny they'd been...

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