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Jul 31 - Post

Judging a Book by Its Cover

Hi everyone! My last few weeks as an intern have been exciting and amazing. RWA was a whirlwind and all the authors and attendees seemed to have a fantastic time from all their posts and pictures! Although sadly I couldn’t attend RWA, I’m happy to share with you all what I’ve been up to as an intern at Avon. One of the most fascinating parts of being an intern is seeing a book come alive. It truly begins to take shape when it has a cover. Now we all know the cliché “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but what does that even mean? There is so much effort and creativity channeled into a cover that it should definitely influence your decision to read the book! Throughout my time here, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on some “cover conferences.” At these cover conferences, the editors and art...

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Sign Up to Host the Hard to Hold On To Release Events!

  Hey everyone! A quick post to let you know that sign-ups are now open for the release day launch event and blog tour for Hard to Hold On To (August 19, 2014). 8/19 Release Day Launch: Go here to sign up 8/18 – 9/5 Blog Tour: Go here to sign up and request to be considered for a review copy! Edward “Easy” Cantrell knows better than most the pain of not being able to save those he loves–which is why he is not going to let Jenna Dean out of his sight.  He may have just met her, but Jenna’s the first person to make him feel alive since that devastating day in the desert more than a year ago. Jenna has never met anyone like Easy. She can’t describe how he makes her feel–and not just because he saved her life. No, the stirrings inside her reach far beyond gratitude. As the pair are thrust together while chaos reigns...

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Jul 30 - Post

“Safe In the Pirate’s Arms” Cover Reveal

I know I say this all the time, but it’s true. I have the best cover designer. I’ve been working on a new and exciting sub genre in romance, the Pirate Romance. It’s been such a eye opening experience and now we have a visual to go with the snippets I’ve posted. SO here goes: Just looking at it makes me excited. The characters in this book are both challenged in many ways and the sparks that fly will make you just giggle. Well they made me giggle.  The book will be coming out really soon. As I will be on vacation starting Saturday, I plan on finishing the last of this one as I sit on the beach watching the waves. What more inspiration for a Pirate Romance do you need then to have your toes in the sand and the waves coming in. As always, good writing and...

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Guest Post with Author Sophie Barnes and Giveaway

Meet Sophie Barnes, author of The Danger in Tempting an Earl. Born in Denmark, Sophie has spent her youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She’s lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish and Romanian. She has studied design in Paris and New York and has a bachelor’s degree from Parson’s School of design, but most impressive of all – she’s been married to the same man three times, in three different countries and in three different dresses. While living in Africa, Sophie turned to her lifelong passion – writing. When she’s not busy, dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic comedies and, of course, reading. She currently lives on the East Coast. Places to find Sophie: | Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Interview with Katharine and...

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Jul 30 - Post

#NewRelease ~ Hot Summer Nights Anthology #Romance #Contemp #DasiaIsland

 Hot Summer Nights Volume One A multi-author anthology by: Alicia Michaels, Carly Fall, Casse NaRome, C.J. Baty, Elise Marion, Kacey Hammell, Natalie G. Owens, Peggy Martinez, and R.K. Ryals Genres: New Adult/Adult, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, Time Travel Release Date: July 30, 2014 Website Facebook Goodreads   Blurb: Welcome to the exotic paradise of Dasia Island. In the Elysium Resort, nestled among the lush beauty of the rainforest, adventure and romance await. In these nine short stories by bestselling and award winning authors, passion ignites between people from all walks of life, with stories ranging from New Adult to Erotic Romance, and even a bit of Paranormal and Time Travel thrown in—after all the island itself has a mystical history, with mysteries and legends to explore. Lose yourself in the magic of the island … you’ll never want to go home again! Contains my story ~ LAYOVER … Hand’s off. That’s...

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How To Feed A Romance Hero – Pizza

Sinful Rewards is set in Chicago and we can’t talk about Chicago without talking about deep dish pizza. My favorite pizza place in Chicago is Lou Malnati’s, my favorite pie being sausage with butter crust. So I asked a pizza expert which Lou Malnati’s pie she’d recommend for four different romance heroes. (this expert preferred not to be named) ******************************************************************************* The Sophisticated Executive (think Nicolas from Sinful Rewards) This billionaire hero wears expensive dark suits, white shirts, silk ties. He travels in a limousine, eats at the best restaurants, is seen at Chicago high society events. He has a private jet and divides his time between Chicago, New York and LA. Recommendation Pizza Recommended : Deluxe (a little bit of everything) Why you’d recommend this pizza: The Deluxe is the heartiest (and most expensive) of pizzas because it is loaded with toppings. ******************************************************************************* The Bad Boy Biker (think Mack, Hawke’s...

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Unwrapping My Thoughts on FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, the Movie & BDSM in Romance Novels

With all of the excitement building over the upcoming release of the movie version of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY by E.L. James, I got to thinking about the way BDSM (Bondage-Dominance-Submission-Masochism) is portrayed in romance novels today. I am not a fan of the FSofG series and do not expect to see the movie unless I hear some very good things about it – namely that it’s better than the book, but since a movie version of a book is so rarely better than the original, I doubt it will happen. Have you seen the trailer? Some think it's really sexy, racy, or whatever. I think it's about as exciting as the book. Not. There are many romance authors today who portray BDSM from mild to extreme so much more erotically, and genuinely that it got me thinking back to some older romance novels which were never labeled as BDSM...

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