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Have You Met: Avon Addict Veronica Arellano

Welcome, Avon Addict Veronica Arellano. If you don’t know Veronica, the questions she answered below for us should get you started… 1) Where is the most beautiful/romantic place you’ve ever been? Hands-down: Buzios, Brazil. It’s a tiny resort town made famous by Brigitte Bardot vacationing there in the 1960s. There’s even a saucy statue of her on the town’s main drag! The beaches are beautiful, the food is amazing, the music is lovely and I swear the sunsets are the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. As soon as my vacation was over, I was homesick for Buzious. I just felt at home and at peace there, which made it the most romantic place on earth. 2) Favorite name for a hero or heroine. DECLAN. I can’t get enough of that name. Sophie Jordan uses it for her hero in A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin, and it is so...

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Spotlight & Giveaway: Tempting Mr. Weatherstone by Vivienne Lorret

Title: Tempting Mr. Weatherstone Author: Vivienne Lorret Publisher: Avon Impulse Publication Date: November 25, 2014 ASIN #: B00M719Z3S Preorder links: Amazon | B&N | iTunes Book Synopsis: Penelope Rutledge longs for passion, but only with the man of her dreams: the brilliant, dashing Ethan Weatherstone. If only her longtime neighbor would open his eyes and realize how much she loves him. If only they weren’t best friends with so much at stake. Penelope knows her future - and their friendship - is in her hands, but is she willing to take the biggest risk of all on the man she loves? If it were up to Ethan, life and love would be as predictable as the figures in his ledgers - certainly nothing like the adventures Penelope longs for. Yet his childhood friend has grown into a beautiful, feisty woman blissfully unaware of the danger she causes when near. Ethan knows he must save...

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Book Tour: Sinful Rewards 5 ***This book is Erotica***

                                                                                                                      Synopsis: Nicolas Rainer, Chicago’s most sought-after billionaire bachelor, has finally decided what he wants, and that’s Bee Carter in his arms, forever. He shows up unannounced on her doorstep and kisses her until her toes curl and her body burns. Nicolas wasn’t the sexy man Bee expected to see this morning. Hawke Masters, her tattooed former marine, is riding his customized chopper toward the condo building, anticipating an equally mind-meltingly erotic encounter. Both men want her with a thrilling intensity. Neither her billionaire nor her biker wishes to share her affections. Is today the day Bee is forced to choose?   My Review:                                 You know it is hard to write a review about a book that is in pieces, lol. If I tell you what happens it could be counted as a spoiler and I hate those. So here is what I will say, Cynthia...

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Midnight Assistant: You vs Them teaser

"Who Jiyong...why? He seems so distant and far away like he's in his own world and unless you’re invited you'll never know what's going on. He also has this mysterious air around him and have you ever looked into his eyes there just so, so cold..." "That's what makes him so hot that mysterious air, and haven't you ever wondered what's really behind those cold eyes. And anyway besides all the other stuff he's freaking good looking for Christ sake's, Chae you really need to just look at him he is walking sex....well maybe that's why you don't see it." Minji said with a laugh as she started her shower. "What is that supposed to mean that laugh?" Chaerin asked with a hand on her hip. "You know... because you still have you v-card. And because of that you just can't smell the sex coming off of him. Chae I swear you’re too innocent." "Yah! What’s wrong with being innocent? And anyway if I did 'smell the sex' as you say" her fingers making air quotations. "I would probably puke. From what I heard he's more or less a man whore. Who in their right mind would want a man like that?" "That's what makes it even more exciting, trying to tame a wild stallion like that, oh I would love a chance." Minji replied as she stepped into the shower. "Really? There's something wrong with you then." Chaerin said as she made her way back upstairs.

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Annie's first official mission

Everything was cool with Annie until she heard they would be dropped from thirty thousand feet in a glider drone with heat sensing technology. The drones are built for two and will deplore the wings at four hundred miles per hour, this will happen after a ten thousand foot drop. Annie asked if these drones has been used in combat before. The general said no they haven't, but they worked a hundred percent in training, that's over six hundred drops. This made Annie feel a lot better.

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Annie doesn"t think, she knows she's a SuperWife

Annie knew it was the first time they had sex, as a matter of fact just as Teddy started to ejaculating she starting hearing his thoughts. Honey her mother said, I'll tell you exactly what my mother told me. Your powers come from your husband, out of your husband to be exact. It's the man you love, and the man who loves you. Will your power increase with more love, yes dear, it will. How powerful your gift will be, well none of us knew the answer to that question.

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Megan Frampton, one of our favorite new historical authors, has a brand new book out on Tuesday, THE DUKE'S GUIDE TO CORRECT BEHAVIOR, but you can read a preview of it right here!

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Excerpt of HARD TO COME BY Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye's HARD TO COME BY is not out until next week, but you can read an excerpt right here! PS: You can also enter the Goodreads Giveaway for a chance to win a copy! PS: having trouble seeing it here? Go to Scribd to read the excerpt here!

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Sleigh Bells in Valentine Valley by Emma Cane

Synopsis: Return to Valentine Valley, where Christmas lights are twinkling and first love burns brighter the second time around… When Tony De Luca’s ex, Kate Fenelli, waltzes through the door of his tavern and pulls up a bar stool, she turns his balanced world on end. Once they’d been each other’s first love, first everything. But then life happened, and they walked away with broken hearts. Now Kate is back in Valentine, and they can’t seem to stay out of each other’s way. When Tony begins wondering what would happen if they rekindled the sparks, he knows he’s in big trouble. Kate can’t believe she’s sitting at Tony’s bar spilling her life-changing problems to him. He’s as gorgeous as ever, and she can’t seem to forget how incredible he always made her feel. Still, the door on that chapter of their lives closed long ago. Yet with Christmas buzzing in...

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Nov 20 - Post

NaNoWriMo Day 18 & 19 – I know, I know…

Day 18 – It could have been a disaster today. The oldest boy is ready for braces (finally) and that meant a consultation and getting the prep work done before they are put on. I headed to the orthodontist, bright and early in the a.m. with tablet in hand and file loaded up for some […]

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