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Jun 23 - Book Review


Avon April 28th, 2008978-0-06-124241-0Historical RomanceMass Market PaperbackReviewed by Dawn ( by Publisher3 Hearts When Marietta Winters’ brother is arrested for murder, the ton turns its back on her and no one will help her save her brother from the hangman’s noose. No one except sexy and maddeningly Gabriel Noble who asks only three things from the desperate beauty. A deal with the devil is better than no help at all in Marietta’s mind so she finds herself pretending to be a wanton wench in the underbelly of London even as Marietta tries to not fall in love with this rake. But three nights are not enough for Gabriel and soon he wants more from the beauty but his secrets are coming to light. Can Marietta find a way to forgive him for them or will she find herself walking away from the one man who stirs not just her body…

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