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The Guy at the Next Desk Over

For many years, I worked for the IRS. I began as a tax examiner, responding to correspondence from taxpayers who were dealing with erroneous refunds, expected refunds not received, name changes, penalties—any sort of problem you can imagine that arises when people are dealing with a government bureaucracy. I was new to the unit and so was an older gentleman—I’ll call him Bob. He was struggling to understand how we could bring up a person’s account on the computer and determine why the problem arose and what we needed to do to fix it. A lot of information was coded. We had to learn to read the codes. Of course, it being the government, we had to handle volume quickly. And Bob was frustratingly slow and so often confused. Our instructors would lose patience with him when he kept asking the same questions, when he seemed unable to comprehend how…

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I write Victorian-set historical romances with tormented heroes who are tamed by daring women.

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