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10 Reasons You Should Read a Karen Ranney Book

  1. The heroine is going to have flaws. She probably won’t be tiny, birdlike, with blond hair and so perfect that everyone immediately falls in love with her. She will have made mistakes in her life – sometimes, big ones. 2. The hero is going to have flaws. However, he won’t hate women because he was disappointed in love or abandoned at birth. He won’t stop in the middle of a gun fight to have sex, although he’s just as male as the next guy. 3. Sex will be an integral part of the relationship between hero and heroine. Frankly, I think sex is one of the most revealing aspects of an individual. Let’s face it, you’re really vulnerable when you’re: a.) naked. b.) drunk with passion c.) madly in love. 4. The hero is going to be a manly man. Chances are, he won’t cry in the book….

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Karen Ranney wanted to be a writer ever since she was five years old, scribbling in her Big Chief Tablet. The Big Chief Tablet has given way to a computer but she's still writing.

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