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My Mother’s Art

Growing up, I was amazed at my mother’s talent. She used to spend hours standing in front of an easel, seeing something only she could see. Many times she painted a scene from memory. Sometimes, she had a still life arranged on a nearby table. She painted everything, but enjoyed portraits the most. My favorites range from the portraits of the old women of Mexico to some landscapes she did of the Texas Hill Country. I don’t remember being cautioned to stay quiet or leave her alone. I just recall that it was something my brother and I did. Mom was painting, so don’t interrupt her. She worked primarily in oils, although she often sketched in charcoal. Her box of brushes and tubes of paint were contained in this broad and shallow wooden box that was totally off limits. I was raked over the coals once for using one of…

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Karen Ranney wanted to be a writer ever since she was five years old, scribbling in her Big Chief Tablet. The Big Chief Tablet has given way to a computer but she's still writing.

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