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Best of Intentions

I just purchased new pans. Tuesday Morning was having a sale. I did some research, picked them up for a good price, and—hoo boy. Now that I have pans, I MUST cook, right? Or am I once more being caught up in my best intentions? This is a dangerous question for me. I have more visions of what I want to do than I have the actual time to follow-up on any of them. I like deadlines because, if nothing else, they tell me exactly what I truly must do. Otherwise, I behave like a one-winged bumblebee. I sound busy but the reality is I’m going around in circles. For the first time in ages, I am caught up on deadlines and family. The next wedding is years away, all current babies have been birthed, and everyone is where they are, doing what they should be doing. Now, is my…

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"I love life, especially its laughter." With that in mind, Maxwell has authored over twenty-five novels packed with adventure, humor, and, of course, love.

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