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Dec 17 - Book Review

A Christmas to Remember…

Well, with a happy heart, I release A Christmas to Remember today! It’s been a crazy year, writing 6 books to complete the series. Funny thing is, it was originally only 5, but the characters pushed for this last, sweet book of memories, recipes and little surprises. This book brought me to happy tears and it’s straight from my heart to yours. So I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be offering bundles soon of the whole Five Oaks Ranch series books! Thanks to the fans of the Five Oaks Ranch for believing in the story and characters. The comments I’ve received have been so sweet and make me smile. Ridge was even honored with a nice gold 5-star review from Readers Favorite! His cover wears the honor proudly! As we begin to say goodbye to 2015, I’m planning the release dates for 2016 books. I have several in the outline…

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Jul 20 - Book Review

Tasty Summer Reads Blog Hop

Everyone on the hop invites other authors to join in. Each author answers the questions listed below, shares a summer recipe, and gives an update on a current WIP on a book they’ve written recently.Here is what I’m working on: A contemporary romance set in the small, fictional town of Ravenwood – just west of Chicago. Man of Her Dreams is about Lindsay and Jared. He’s moved to Ravenwood to find some peace and quiet while finishing his next novel and Lindsay is struggling to make her way in a male dominated business – home renovations. Neither expects to fall in love but… boy sees girl, kathunk. Girl sees boy, double kathunk.  Ravenwood just got a little hotter. 1) When writing are you a snacker? If so, sweet or salty?Salty and tart. I want the back of my teeth to go ‘yowsa’. 2) Are you an outliner or someone who…

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Dec 24 - Book Review

Who says Gingerbread cookies have to be MEN?

I was wandering the internets last week when I stumbled upon a recipe contest at It was a win-win. If I won, I got books; if I lost, I still got cookies! There were a bunch of recipes to choose from, but I went with the Gingerbread recipe. I didn’t have any horse-shaped cookie cutters, so I free-handed a few shapes. The dough held my light knife strokes beautifully. The baking process made my whole house smell like Christmas. I decorated them with an old Royal Icing recipe thinned with water, and painted on with small paint brushes. I think they turned out adorable! Almost too cute to eat. I am vegetarian, after all.         Tweet This Post

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A Christmas Pleasure — Recipe Op!!

Javier Bardem, Rafael Nadal, Antonio Banderas, Iker Casillas (Don’t know who he is? Goggle him. You will thank me.) Do I have your attention? I think Spanish men are delicious eye candy. The Spanish as a people are some of the most beautiful in the world. They are intelligent and talented as well. I don’t want you to think I am so shallow that my head can be turned by strong noses, square jaws, piercing eyes, well-defined pecks, not to mention that macho masculinity–? Wait! What am I doing here? Ah, yes, talking about the Christmas habits of one of my favorite characters—Spaniard Andres Ramigio, Barón de Vasconia. Andres is featured in two of my books. His first appearance is in THE EARL CLAIMS HIS WIFE and then he receives his own story (and happy ending) in HIS CHRISTMAS PLEASURE. But I’m sharing a recipe—not guys, alas! In Spain, seafood…

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