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Feb 27 - Book Review

The Sunset Society

Time…I want to search for a place Where it makes no sense For all of us seem so lost in the maze We call life, and we’re always so tense I need a place where I can stop time And enjoy the sunsets Life…I’ve lived my life while running I’m always running from the things And the things I’m learning I want to be away from all the beings I need a place to live my life And enjoy the sunsets Mine…Do I really have anything I can call mine? All I have is a broken heart and a faded soul For the people who care if I burn or shine And my patience has taken its toll I desperately need a few things to call mine And enjoy the sunsets Away…please oh please just take me away! Do I really need to be a part of this sorrowful world?…

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Feb 26 - Book Review

Annie.. “Sex, Women Take it, Men Fake it”

Another typical Wednesday night. Annie and Teddy were watching a reality show about a couple having a baby with the man putting on a pregnancy suit and gaining weight along with his wife. The husband said it was the hardest nine months of his life. By the sixth month he wanted to scale back his fluid input to stop urinating so much, but he couldn’t, he had to match his wife intake. Teddy said “it’s not as bad as the husband made it out to be.” Annie gave Teddy the look, yes, that look women give when they “Know” men are from outer space and said “you have no ideal how much pain you men put us women through.” Teddy asked “what pain?” “What pain! Pain from the beginning of a relation through childbirth, that’s what pain Mister” Annie replied. Teddy asked what pain did he put her through at…

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Feb 25 - Book Review

Oscar 2015 Makeup Artist Winners: Who Are They?

As much as the success of a movie depends on direction, acting and costumes, makeup and hairstyling also plays an important role in making it a hit and bagging awards. Indeed, it requires a lot of research, study and ingenuity to understand makeup requirements of the cast of a film and do justice with their characters, and there are only few people who are able to do it. Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier are two of those talented and creative makeup artists who surprised the audience, film fraternity and other nominated makeup artists by winning the Best Makeup and Hair styling Award for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ movie during 87th Annual Academy Awards held at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA on 22 Feb 15. However, while their work was appreciated and lauded, their achievement was followed by diatribe by some critics who thought Foxcatcher’s Bill Corso and Dennins Liddiard would…

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Feb 23 - Book Review

The Station (Part of Chapter 7)

“Put down your weapons!” he yelled. Valerie looked to her mother in fear. She returned her frightened expression. The people around them gasped and whispered to one another, frantically. “Stay where you are!” he shouted for a second time. The tension was as thick as butter and the only thing that could cut through it was the hot knife of revelation. The crowd was dying to know who was on the other side of that wall. They wanted to know why they were here, how many there were, and what they wanted. And they wanted to know now. With staggering anxiety, the people impatiently waited for the gate to lift and reveal the answers. A minute or two passed before her father handed his gun off to a colleague and motioned for him to raise the gate. Then he climbed down the ladder, hastily. When he reached the ground, he…

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Feb 21 - Book Review

Annie…”Birthday, don’t blow candles, you have a Husband”

It hit Teddy all of a sudden, he hasn’t seen Annie in ten minutes and it’s quiet. Annie is always heard or seen, Teddy got up and when looking for his wife. He found her in the kitchen sitting at the pleasure bar, she never sits there, she calls it her Saturday morning Teddy pleasure table. Teddy walked up behind her, put his arms around her neck and began to fondle her breast. Teddy asked “what’s on your mind honey?” “Teddy would you like to have my breast bigger” she responded in an excited voice. Whoa, where did that come from! I love your breast the size they are, can’t you tell by how much I play with them. Annie turned to face Teddy and replied, “I know, that’s why I thought you might want them bigger.” Teddy laughed and told her these 36 A, D, Z or whatever letter…

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Feb 17 - Book Review

Annie……”The Games Men Play”

The second annual “Best Husband Game” was once again being held at “Gardner’s restaurant Bar and Grill” located at the West End Mall. On valentines Day we spend it alone with our wives and the following weekend we get together and have dinner and play the gift game. Annie puts on a great valentines Day. I need a day off from work after her celebration, although I maybe in pain, I love the memories she leaves me with. Last year Chuck took home the top prize, we’re not saying he cheated, but it was a little suspect. This year will be different. With rules in place and the wives clueless, we set out on our journey to see who could not only buy the best gift for twenty dollars or less, but see if our wives could tell who brought what. When the clock started we had thirty minutes to…

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Feb 09 - Book Review

Annie….”Sex Off, Sex On”

This post is a follow up to “Annie’s…. Parents in the house, no Sex for you” Finally Teddy thought as he watched his parents plane taxi down the runway for takeoff, he can have some fun with his wife. Annie could tell Teddy was ready to release two days of backed up semen and put a plan into motion to slow his roll. On the walk to the parking lot Annie asked Teddy to let her drive home. Teddy looked a little puzzled and said “sure, that’s fine, but why today, you always let me drive.” Annie smiled and started laughing saying “I don’t want you to get a speeding ticket or into an accident rushing home to plow me.” Teddy just looked at Annie before replying that he wasn’t going to “Plow” her as soon as they got home. Annie said oh really, in that case can we go…

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Feb 06 - Book Review

Annie, Parents in the house, no Sex for you

Some times when you over sleep, it comes back and bite you where it really hurts. Annie and Teddy was up late last night playing around until 3am, not having sex but playing the kissing game. Their kissing game is different than the one you maybe thinking of. It all started when Teddy asked Annie when did she buy the dress she had on today. Annie told Teddy he has a memory problem, it was him that picked the dress out of a display window on their vacation trip to Nashville. This started the “I have a better memory than you.” Every time one couldn’t remember something, the other get ten kisses anywhere they wanted too. All night long they were kissing thighs, tits, dicks, pussies and even butt cheeks. It went on so long, they both fell asleep without having sex. Although Teddy believe he had three orgasms from…

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Feb 04 - Book Review

Annie, The Question All Men Hate

After a early morning romance that’s typical for Teddy and Annie, it all went fuzzy for Teddy. It’s 6:30 on a Friday morning, Annie is finishing up washing Teddy, just after the penis wash and just before drying Teddy off, Annie hit Teddy with the question, “why do you love me?” Teddy just like all men when they need time, only said “What?” Annie put teddy at ease by telling him to think about it and tomorrow morning at this exact time, tell me why you love me. Teddy asked Annie what brought this on? Annie only said “I know you love me with all your heart, I just want to know why.” Annie was almost through drying Teddy when he grabbed her and kissed her lightly and said “I do love you so much.” Annie only said, “tomorrow tell me why.” All day at work the only thing Teddy…

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