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Jul 09 - Book Review

Fading Memories

I hold the last words from my father up to my chest as I allow the tears to flow freely. Not able to hold them back, I wish he were here to explain it all to me. This is something I will always cherish and keep in a safe spot for when I need to feel close to him. I still have questions, but in the significant scale of it all, I already have the answers I need. If, after all these years, two people can find their way back to each other, it’s something that I need to listen to. My parents had a love that was like no other, and that’s what I want. The man who can give this to me is only a few steps away, and it’s time that I tell him. As I stand and turn around, I notice Dakota is walking down the…

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Long distance relationships are hard and lonely at the best of times. Cora know this all too well. Days and nights home alone with nothing but a book and television for company. Liam has been gone for eight months when a new sexy neighbour moves into the apartment next door to Cora. The occasional hello quickly becomes a friendship unlike anything Cora has had before and she soon finds herself torn. Torn between the love of her life and the man who brings her to life. Torn between Liam and Jay. Start Reading Torn

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A Light Upon My Heart – Chapter 1

As she stepped off the stage coach her heart was heavy with uncertainty. This was a new experience for her. She’d never been away from her south Georgia hometown. From the moment her father told her about his plans things had changed for her. It was hard to leave her home and family, but it was for the best. All she knew about Joseph was he was a Christian and owned a ranch. What would he be like? Would she grow to care for him or even love him? Would he ever love her? What did he look like? Oh well, she’d find out soon enough. Looking from side to side she wondered if he was already there in the crowd. She stood there for a few minutes before a fear came over her. Had he changed his mind? If he did how would she get back home because she…

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May 04 - Book Review

Always Remember Me

It felt as if my heart was ripped out of my chest. It was official; the doctors confirmed what I dreaded the most. You were dead. The doctor sadly told your mother the devastating truth. She raised her hand to her mouth and tears started to swell up into her eyes. I comforted her as she fell apart in her grief. Her child was gone. He passed away four in the morning where his heart gave up. I shared her grief because I loved you so much that it hurt to know that you were gone. Gone forever. Your funeral was a small private matter. It was a rainy June day when we buried in the Irving Park Cemetery where your grandfather lay. Dressed in black, everyone you knew and loved you came to say goodbye. I stood beside your mother, and held her hand as she softly sobbed into…

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Apr 08 - Book Review

See Part Nine-Waves at Dameisha Sand

Dameisha located in dameisha yanmei road no 9, Yantian district, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China. It’s a good place for see natural part nine. Last week, my friend with me went to there for a short holiday, so beautiful it’s that we are intoxicated with she’s grace! Look at this picture taken by my phone, may be the waves is not so big but with the smoothly waves you can clam you heart, and let you thought empty, put yourself in the scene. Just look at this picture of waves when you tired with you work. Does it can take you out of heavy heart? Not only can we see the waves we also can walk along with the gallery road which is built along the coast with wood. When you walking on it, if not so many people, you can hear you step, interesting? Just walking and feeling the moderate sea…

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Mar 29 - Book Review

The Bet; Part One

Prologue The three ladies laughter filled the air. Giving the warm spring day and even more dreamy air to it. They sat on the restaurant’s private veranda. It was only used for the very important guests. Today that happened to Be Yvaine and her fellow co-workers and best friends Dior and Echo. Yvaine was 5’7 with long white hair. She had beautiful creamy caramel skin perfect almond shaped eyes, a small nose and luscious natural pouty lips. She was a knockout by anyone’s standards. Today she wore a simple white tank top with black skinny jeans and black timberland stiletto boots. Tennis bracelets adorned both her wrists. A vintage Chanel gold link belt and matching gold Chanel earrings put a touch of urban class to the outfit and she wore her shoulder length hair up in a ponytail. Yes, Yvaine was sexy, smart and getting paid to do just that….

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Mar 23 - Book Review

Problem? No, just a writer…

Have you ever been caught staring at someone? Come on, you know you have. I’m a people watcher. It’s part of being a writer. I’ve been sitting in a crowded room before and noticed someone doing something out of sync with everyone else. Of course then my overactive imagination stitches a story regarding why they’re acting different. I’ve actually written stories based on people watching. It’s really fun to sit back and watch a couple in love. You wonder what their story is and then you piece it together with your own spin. Maybe they met by chance or have been friends for years and turned the tables. What’s really fun is you don’t know their true story, but your imagination can expand on what the eye sees. If they’re holding hands and giving those cute lovey looks, you can expand on the romance side of the story. Maybe they’re…

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Mar 05 - Book Review

Annie.. “Men Fake it, Women Take it”

Another typical Wednesday night. Annie and Teddy were watching a reality show about a couple having a baby with the man putting on a pregnancy suit and gaining weight along with his wife. The husband said it was the hardest nine months of his life. By the sixth month he wanted to scale back his fluid input to stop urinating so much, but he couldn’t, he had to match his wife intake. Teddy said “it’s not as bad as the husband made it out to be.” Annie gave Teddy the look, yes, that look women give when they “Know” men are from outer space and said “you have no ideal how much pain you men put us women through.” Teddy asked “what pain?” “What pain! Pain from the beginning of a relation through childbirth, that’s what pain Mister” Annie replied. Teddy asked what pain did he put her through at…

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Feb 27 - Book Review

The Sunset Society

Time…I want to search for a place Where it makes no sense For all of us seem so lost in the maze We call life, and we’re always so tense I need a place where I can stop time And enjoy the sunsets Life…I’ve lived my life while running I’m always running from the things And the things I’m learning I want to be away from all the beings I need a place to live my life And enjoy the sunsets Mine…Do I really have anything I can call mine? All I have is a broken heart and a faded soul For the people who care if I burn or shine And my patience has taken its toll I desperately need a few things to call mine And enjoy the sunsets Away…please oh please just take me away! Do I really need to be a part of this sorrowful world?…

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