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Feb 01 - Book Review

A look into -The Means of a Name-

Hi Everyone! Before you get down to reading, Let me tell you about this book! I wrote this in high school with a close friend of mine! Now years later, here we are! We have taken the book and are looking it over and recreating it! (because the state it is in now looks like a 16 year old wrote it). So here is a small preview from the Prologue, I am hoping you will enjoy it! and Leave comments if you can! “Momma, can you tell me that story again?” Dorian tugged at Loril’s hand just as she had finished tucking him in. “mmm I don’t know lil’ kit, it’s late, you should have been in bed hours ago,” she smiled and sat in the old rocking chair beside his bed. Dorian sat up a cute pout crossing his little face, “pleaaaseee mommy,” he begged clasping his hands together…

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Dec 14 - Book Review

The Husband that Never Was

I decide to start my day like nothing is wrong, almost as if I did not just receive the most devastating news of my life, I refuse to accept that my heart is in a million pieces at my feet. I can almost feel the crunching of the pieces at the bottom of my Christian Louboutins. “Be strong” I say to myself. I try not to pay attention to anything in my surroundings.Our house with all of our memories in it can send me into another sobbing session. I do not think my puffy eyes can handle anymore crying. I also just applied my most expensive Chanel makeup and I do not want to ruin any of it. I try to ignore his lingering scent while I step into our walk-in closet. I refuse to look at all the things he left behind, all I want to do is rip…

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Dec 14 - Book Review

Grey Area (Excerpt)

Grey moved closer and lifted her chin with his index finger. Looking deep into her eyes, he swore to her, “I will protect you from him, Annie. I swear.” “I want to trust you,” Annie replied with a voice so thin it could have been a whisper. She raised her petite hand and placed it onto his broad chest, between his ribs. Even through the thick layer of his cotton shirt, Grey could feel her trembling fingertips and warm palm. It made his heartbeat quicken and his breath catch in his throat. “Just swear to me that once you catch him, I will never have to see his face or hear his name ever again.” “I swear.” God, he wanted to kiss her, to reinforce with his body what his words had just conveyed. He wanted to prove to her that he planned on keeping her close, keeping her safe,…

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Dec 10 - Book Review

Finding Love Later

Maddy sat, fanning furiously, wasn’t anyone else hot in this office, she wondered. She waited impatiently for the real estate agent to come back from lunch. The decision to buy a bed and breakfast seemed like a crazy idea to everyone but herself. When Drew left her a year ago, she went into a brief depression filled with overeating and binge television watching. She’d seen every episode of most of the popular sitcoms. One day she looked in the mirror and the reflection that met her wasn’t appealing at all. So, after a long talk with herself, she got moving. The first thing was to lose the extra twenty pounds she’d gained during her binge stage. The next thing was to get a job. Drew didn’t want her working, so she stayed home, keeping the house neat for him. He was a neat freak, she wasn’t. Since they’d divorced, things…

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Aug 16 - Book Review

Los Angeles – A romantic destination

The city of Los Angeles is in the US state of California. Located in the southern portion of the state, the region experiences a pleasant climate all year around. Since, it is the second most populous city in the US; it is automatically a prime centre for trade, commerce and entertainment. The region is home to Hollywood, which occupies a legendary status amidst movie buffs. However, alongside all this hectic commercial activity, the region has much to offer to a tourist, who is eager to explore into the unknown. Let us discuss in details the tourism potential of Los Angeles city and its immediate vicinity. The region is famous for its coastline and a tourist on holidays to Los Angeles can certainly head for its famous Venice Beach. This stretch of golden sand and a beautiful sea is an utter delight to watch. The Muscle Beach located within the beach…

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Aug 11 - Book Review


Prologue “Ten minutes to show time.” Ashton Steel, lead dancer and co-founder of Men of Steel, Ladies Ultimate Night Out, slapped Tucker Jones, the newest member of the group on the back. “You ready to shake your dick and make it rain?” Tucker, a twenty-three year old ex-college football hero flashed a perfectly white smile and peered through the red velvet curtain. “Hells yeah I am. Thirsty Thursday never looked so good.” He pointed out to the crowd. “Have you found her yet?” Ashton came up behind him, scanned the crowd full of women dressed in short shorts and cleavage filled tank tops. It didn’t take him long to find her. “There,” he said, pointing to the girl front and center. Even sitting down, she didn’t look to be more than five foot five, maybe a hundred and ten pounds and a head full of hair that put Carrot Top…

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Jac (Excerpt: Chapter 2)

“Guess you didn’t see your night ending up this way,” Jaclyn grinned, finishing off her drink. He was quiet for a moment. The wind made hushed noises in the background, blowing fallen leaves against the hallway window. “It’s not all bad,” Lee responded at last. With a twinkle in his eye, he added, “I met someone. A woman, that is.” “Oh yeah?” Jaclyn could hear her own voice crack with hopelessness as she asked the question. Though she had already figured that he was most likely already taken. A man that handsome and sweet had to be. She knew there had to be a hitch. With a soft tone, she questioned, “What’s she like?” “She’s beautiful,” he began. Jaclyn slumped in disappointment as he went on, “Really nice, too. She seems smart, can hold a conversation. She’s extremely caring and I doubt I have a chance but,” he shrugged in…

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Aug 07 - Book Review

When It’s Done Right, All Night Is Not Enough…..

It’s 7am and I’m still wide awake, and that’s not the only thing that’s wider today than it was yesterday. At 38, divorced 5 years ago, I threw myself into my job. I moved six months ago from the west coast to the east coast for a totally new outlook on life. That out look didn’t remotely include Ted or any man, especially one that’s 60 years old. I’ve always been in control, with 300 employees reporting to me, pulling in a high six figure salary with a corner office, a penthouse that most would love to have and a masters degree from the best business school in the country. All that I would give up to relive the last 8 hours with Ted, well at least half anyway. I did things last night I didn’t know I could or would ever do. But how could a 60 year old…

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Aug 05 - Book Review

The Duke’s Facade (An excerpt)

Standing idly against the wall of the Moltram’s ballroom, Jacob felt like a caged tiger. He did not want to be spending his night pretending not to notice the crush of the room and doing his best to overlook the uncomfortable feeling of being crumpled by the sheer number of people in the place. One did not show how uncomfortable one was at a public event, it just wasn’t gentile. He also did not want to spend the night pretending that he did not notice the gaggles of Mamas on the Marriage Mart primping their daughters and then ever so subtly pushing them in his direction. So standing there with what he hoped was his usual uninviting look of indifference, Jacob saw that his brother, Julian, Viscount Montrose, and Lord Robert Farthing were approaching. “What in the world are you doing here, Granby?” Robert asked in disbelief. “Didn’t you tell…

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