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Getting to know... Lizbeth Selvig!

by Tessa Woodward

Everything you ever wanted to know about Lizbeth Selvig, Avon Impulse author of the Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series!

  Bride wore starlightBride wore red boots

1. What do you write?

Contemporary romance. I’ve written one small town series set in Minnesota, my home state. And my current series is set in Wyoming and features a whole set of wonderful heroes—cowboys, veterans, firefighters, oh, and cowboys!—and seven strong, beautiful sisters as their heroines.

2. What are you currently reading?

In romance I’m reading Erin Nicholas and Eloisa James on my Nook, and Robyn Carr in paperback. I’m also hooked on audio books. I love to listen to longer, mainstream books while I’m driving or working in the barn. I’m listening to Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, and I just finished 11.22.63 by Stephen King.

3. What is your best piece of romantic advice?

Never make sex more important than your relationship. Communication, caring and, of course, roses!, between couples, make being lovers and the sex that follows all the more amazing.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

It’s so unoriginal, but it has to be chocolate chip cookie dough—and not “in” anything like ice cream but spooned right out of the bowl!

5. Finish this sentence: It was a dark and stormy…

“It was a dark and stormy pair of eyes he turned on me, and I knew my teasing had backfired.”

6.  Coffee or Tea?

Herbal teas in the winter. Coffee only rarely and then in decaf laced with lots of unhealthy stuff in it: chocolate and whipping cream for example

7. Pen or Pencil?

I’m a pen slut when it comes to collecting any kind of ink-based writing utensil: I will pick up any freebie or drool over any new pretty pen in a stationery store. BUT—when it comes to writing by hand, there’s nothing like a totally virginal, freshly sharpened, Ticonderoga #2 pencil!

8. Favorite movie theater snack?

Dots. Completely weird for an avowed choco-holic, but those fruity little gum drops remind me of childhood in the best way!

9. Screw/Marry/Kill: Vampire, Duke, Billionaire

Screw the Billionaire, Marry the Duke, and Kill the Vampire. I have NO idea what this says about me.

10. What would your high school yearbook superlative be right now?

The Girl Most Likely to live to 106, and miss her funeral because she is still pushing deadlines.

11. What is your 6 Word Memoir?

She loved people and wrote stories.

12. Favorite Romance Trope

I adore the tough guy who loves kids and animals. What’s better than a big, muscular man who can bend down and wipe away a child’s tears? It tells me exactly how he’s going to treat his heroine! My other favorite trope is “friends to lovers” especially when childhood friends find each other after many years, they first meet, and their jaws drop when they see all the changes in each other. It’s better by far than love at first sight!


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