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Lord of Scoundrels Re-Read: Ask Loretta Chase Anything!

by Nicole Fischer

Hello romance fans!


Now that you’ve had a month to read Lord of Scoundrels (or re-read, for those of us who carry this book around in our purse in case we need an emergency romance fix), today is the day to ask Loretta Chase herself any questions you may have about Dain and Jessica, their swoon-worthy love story, or how she wrote one of the most beloved historical romances of all time! Ask her anything (well, about the book).



Wondering about the gun? The lamp post kiss? The cemetery sexy-times? Or tell us about the first time you read LoS! How many times have you re-read it since? Do you have a favorite scene? Leave your questions/thoughts in the comments and Loretta will respond by the end of the day!


If you haven’t read Lord of Scoundrels yet, now is your chance! Get the ebook for just $1.99… the sale won’t last forever but your fond memories of reading this fantastic romance will!